Monday, May 16, 2011


I know, this is way over due...SORRY!!! My excuse is poor but will soon be no more. My camera is non-functioning but on Thrusday... a new one arrives!!

So, Here are a few pictures from Easter. I went with an eyelet for Klaira's dress. I had to add lining which I was a little unsure of. I thought the extra fabric would effect the twirl factor of the dress, but it didn't. I will make another dress using this pattern but will do two things different. First, the elastic for the back was TOO wide. This made it hard to attach the skirt to the bodice. It was an easy fix, I just trimmed the elastic but it was a little annonying. The biggest problem I has was the length of the material alloted for the ruffle. I was expecting the ruffle to be more full then it turned out. I fussed with it a lot and didn't have enough extra fabric to cut extra strips. I will be sure to cut an extra strip or two next time.

The tie for Joshua is from SeeKateSew. Great Tutorial!! It was SUPER easy and SO fun. He will be sporting a tie every Sunday from now!

P.S. New Camera= More post....Promise!! I have been sewing a lot:)


Katelyn said...

HOLY MOLE! I am sooooooooooo impressed! That dress is gorgeous!!! I would pay big money for something like that for Emma!!!

Christina Bassi said...

Karen you did such a good job. The dress is beautiful and I just love Joshua's matching tie.

Kristina said...

REALLY!!! How Cute are they!! I LOVE the dress and the matching tie! Just ADORABLE!! You did an AWESOME job Karen! Just beautiful!!! - on both the outfits and adroable kiddos :)

kmlangham said...

Thank you ladies!!!! Ya'll are so sweet!!!