Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Klaira Girl Skirt

I haven't been sewing for my girl as much as I normally do. Main because she has tons of clothes but also because I have been working on a quilt for my sons with lots of gifts inbetween. I hope my package from the Spring Swap coordinated by and it included two cute fat quarters and buttons. As soon as I saw the colors I thought of my girl and got my measuring tape out. From cut to finish it seriously came together in a nap time. (about 3 hours) My daughter is very into tank tops right now....why, your guess is as good as mine. SO, a skirt was the first thing that popped in my head. I literally use every bit of each fat expect a few inches.

(I could get this picture to rotate to save my life...SORRY:()

I really wanted to put a bow on the sides but didn't have the right color ribbon and I wanted to finish. Maybe the next one.

She looks so grown up in this picture:)

I really want to make another one. Super easy, super cute and crazy afforable!!! What do ya think??

Sunday, June 17, 2012

JJ's quilt: progress

WOW...I have an even bigger appreciation for quilters. I had an idea that there was a lot of work involved in quilt making but my eyes have been open to another realm of the work that really goes into a quilt. Yes, it has been overwhelming at time and thoughts that this may never end have occured. BUT....I am absolutly loving the results as they come. I'm eagar to see it all come together. Here are a few photos of my progress so far.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

JJ's Quilt: Planning&Fabric

My little man has been sleeping in a big boy bed for far too long without a big boy blanket. He doesn't mind because he LOVES his blankie but I mind and feel awful. He is my only child I haven't made a blanket for. we go. I have spent LOTS of time looking at fabric and quilt patterns. After lots of measuring and doodling for months, I have purchased the fabric, decided on a block pattern and crunched all the number numerous times. Now, I first must share that I'm very nervous about this quilt. It's not only the biggest quilt I have ever attempted, I pulled the fabrics from numerous collections and the size is customized to fit his bunk bed. So, I feel like I'm totally responsible for this baby and PRAY it comes out looking more than ok. I have NO idea how long this is going to take me....hopefully only a month or so. We'll see... I will post progress a few small projects I will complete along the way. Here are the fabric I'm using and the pattern/measurements.
Check back soon!! Happy sewing!!

Family Tree Quilt

I's been forEVER since I have shared anything. It's not that I haven't been sewing, I just haven't been sewing as much. When I do get free time, I have been sewing, not blogging. I'm slowly getting the hang Three little ones and hope to be a regular again. I just completely a project that I'm really pleased with. This quilt will be something I know will be treasured by the reciever for a long time. My Mother-in-law is all about her kids and grandkids. (most grannies are;)) My husband and I have talked about putting together a family tree display of some kind for a while. One day on happened...a quilt!! Of course, I've been looking, drawing and thinking about how it would look since December of last year. Well, on Mother's was complete and she drove from TX to FL. I didn't give any clues just said that I had something special for her and she didn't hesitate to come. Here is the finished quilt.