Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maternity Frock

It isn't very often that I sew for myself. I'm usually making a gift or another dress for my daughter. But, this is the second maternity dress I have made for myself and I'm hooked. Hooked on sewing clothes for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love to shop, but it is so much more exciting to wear something that I made!! I love this dress!! It's crazy comfortable, very important while pregnant and is was WAY easy to make thanks to the Maternity or Not Frock tutorial from Presserfoot. I followed the tutorial to a tee and added lining because the fabric is thin. I will probably make use this tutorial again but do a tunic length. And I will for sure make use this tutorial again after pregnancy for a fun day dress, hopefully with smaller measurements.;)

Pregnant or not, check this tutorial out, you will be so amazed with how easy it is to sew and the Fabulous new dress or top you've made!! Promise!! OH yeah, I did make a tie for the waist but it came off after church and I probably won't wear it, just personal pregnancy preference.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ballet Bag

My little princess starts taking Ballet lessons tomorrow and she is VERY excited!! I'm pretty excited too and have been sewing up a storm the past 48 hours so she would be all set!! Her favorite books right now are Angelina Ballerina. Everytime Angelina goes to ballet class she carries her pink tutu and pink ballet slipper in a cute bag. So, of course she wants to as well!! I wish I was 3, I would totally make myself one. I love the fabric, perfect for the purpose and I must say, my applique skills are getting better and better!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

4th of July dress

The inspiration for this dress came about in a few different ways. I have a very dear friend I have known for 5 years. Her daughter was born on my wedding anniversary and wanted to send a gift. I had enough fabric left over to make a dress for Klaira and with the 4th coming was a MUST! I haven't made a pillow case dress in FOREVER! I am teaching a friend to sew and this will be Her first project. So, I thought I would make a dress to refresh my memory.

I wasn't planning on using the navy/heart print but after trying it on Klaira, I was a bit too short. So glad it was, I LOVE the way it turned out and if you have been checking out the past few projects, I'm obessed with fabric flowers. (I have just enough of the navy/heart fabric for a little neck tie;)) ((Let's just hope my husband doesn't notice they are hearts))

Aunt Apron

My Aunt gave me the fun Zebra print fabric a while back. I made an apron with some of the for a fundraiser and when she caught sight of it, she had to have one!!! SO, I finally finished it and I hope she likes it!! I still have some zebra print left so if you want a Super Cute apron, let me know!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hayden Dress

I Love making dresses for my sweet girl!! Now more than ever because she helps me pick out the fabric and LOVES wearing dressing that I make her!! When I saw The Hayden Dress from SewSweet Patterns on Etsy, it had Klaira written all over it!! This is the 2nd pattern I have sewn from SewSweet and I love the styles and the patterns are easy to follow. It's fits Klaira really nice and slips on easy. There were two adjustments I made: I added about an inch and a half to the length of the main bodice, (standard adjustment when making dresses for Klaira and myself) and I choose to put the botton holes on the strap and bottons on the dress. I did that because I thought the botton popped better off the blue. The fabric choice is from one of my favorite collections, Tutti Fruit from Joann's!! The collection has SO many bright colors, it's seersucker, and it doesn't really wrinkle. This pattern will get LOTS of use over the next few years!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maternity Refashion

So when I said I am hooked on refashioning....I meant it!! I bought this top during my last pregnancy for Christmas pictures. I have NEVER worn it since. Which made it a perfect piece to improve!!
I made it sleeveless, let out the 3 inch hem, and used the sleeves for a wrap around sash. I LOVE IT!!! I did it a few hours and I can't wait to wear it!! It is so comfortable and my 3 year old daughter told me it look "stylish!" I agree....don't you??