Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maternity Frock

It isn't very often that I sew for myself. I'm usually making a gift or another dress for my daughter. But, this is the second maternity dress I have made for myself and I'm hooked. Hooked on sewing clothes for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love to shop, but it is so much more exciting to wear something that I made!! I love this dress!! It's crazy comfortable, very important while pregnant and is was WAY easy to make thanks to the Maternity or Not Frock tutorial from Presserfoot. I followed the tutorial to a tee and added lining because the fabric is thin. I will probably make use this tutorial again but do a tunic length. And I will for sure make use this tutorial again after pregnancy for a fun day dress, hopefully with smaller measurements.;)

Pregnant or not, check this tutorial out, you will be so amazed with how easy it is to sew and the Fabulous new dress or top you've made!! Promise!! OH yeah, I did make a tie for the waist but it came off after church and I probably won't wear it, just personal pregnancy preference.


Kristina said...

GIRL!! You are just getting TOO creative! I cant keep up! I just LOVE all the re-fashions you have done and all the darlin outfits you have put together!! When are you going to open an etsy shop??? Put a few of those ballerina bags on, they are just too cute!!

sewingsanity said...

Thank you so much Kristina!! I hope one day to sell my goods in some way!! I'm just waiting for the right time to be revealed!!! I've been doing a few custom order here and there but I'm enjoying where I'm at and that is expanding and growing my skill. In God's time, of course, I hope sooner than later.... I love to sew!!!