Saturday, June 2, 2012

JJ's Quilt: Planning&Fabric

My little man has been sleeping in a big boy bed for far too long without a big boy blanket. He doesn't mind because he LOVES his blankie but I mind and feel awful. He is my only child I haven't made a blanket for. we go. I have spent LOTS of time looking at fabric and quilt patterns. After lots of measuring and doodling for months, I have purchased the fabric, decided on a block pattern and crunched all the number numerous times. Now, I first must share that I'm very nervous about this quilt. It's not only the biggest quilt I have ever attempted, I pulled the fabrics from numerous collections and the size is customized to fit his bunk bed. So, I feel like I'm totally responsible for this baby and PRAY it comes out looking more than ok. I have NO idea how long this is going to take me....hopefully only a month or so. We'll see... I will post progress a few small projects I will complete along the way. Here are the fabric I'm using and the pattern/measurements.
Check back soon!! Happy sewing!!

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Kristina said...

Karen- I dont know why you are so nervous! You always do such a great job!! I cannot wait to watch as you put it together!!